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How might we redesign the Google Nest Hub Max to target Gen Z and Gen Y demographics with a new feature that can be used during COVID-19 and in a post-COVID world?

April - June 2021
(7 weeks)
Graphic Designer
UX/UI Designer
Pitch Deck
User Research

What is Fika Ventures Tech Accelerator?

I participated in the first ever Fika Ventures Tech Career Accelerator, a program hosted by Los Angeles County,, and Fika Ventures. The 120-hour program runs over a seven-week period and is dedicated to bridging the gap between low-income community college students and a career in technology.

The Fika Ventures Tech Career Accelerator creates a paid opportunity to build up your portfolio with industry driven projects, access to mentors from the top tech companies including: Roblox, Google, Snap, DeepMind, Facebook, and more. Additionally the program is guided directly by Fika Ventures, a major venture capital firm.

Each week of the program focuses on different sectors in the technology industry. The first two weeks are focused on product design, then the third and fourth weeks focuses on marketing, the next two weeks are on sales, and the last week is on career development. Students are required to develop a product, a marketing/sales plan and a final pitch deck for the project they've been working on.

View more information on their website and check out this news article written by Dot.LA.


the problem

Google Nest Hub Max is a popular technology product used as a smart home device. The product is mainly focused on the middle to upper class Millennial demographics. We saw an opportunity to position the product towards the Gen Z and Gen Y demographic.

our solution

We designed a prototype solution of a possible redesign of the Google Next Hub Max that incorporates social experiences that can be utilized from home and in groups in a post-COVID world.

selected projects

case studies

ux design / Product design
How might we empower the next generation of BIPOC learners feel like they belong in professional settings?
Snap Circle
graphic design / product design
Various digital design projects made during the 2021 Snap Academies.
Snap Design Academy
ux / Product design
How might we solve LAX traveler's emotional need for safety and
security during COVID-19?
product design
An exploration in cultural identity and functional furniture design, Gorstohl aims at creating purpose in sitting.
ux design / project management
Can we save the planet playing
video games?