Angeleno Designer
Master Question Asker
Koryo-Saram Person

My name is Viktoriya "Vika" Kim.

I'm a multi-disciplinary designer focusing on product and UX/UI design. I believe in the power of asking good questions. My work is guided by a strong belief in research-driven thoughtfulness, strategic mind maps, and using design as a problem-solving tool to bridge connections.

I am a proud Koryo-Saram immigrant. I carry my culture with me to the table because I have translated for my family since I was a child and translating taught me how to use language as a tool when advocating for people's needs. Design and translation are inseparable for me because I believe the best solutions start where we can lean in and listen to people's stories.

Resume is available upon request.

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I’m passionate about accessible education and social impact projects. My educational background was unconventional but it lead me to better understand systematic barriers and the need for improved frameworks. I think the world needs more opportunities to display transparency and sensitivity. In design and in my own life, my main goal is to always cultivate my humanity and to express authenticity in everything I do. 

When I'm not in front of my computer, I can be found recommending skincare routines to my friends, excessively building custom Notion pages, and bringing Miss Pink Crow to life.